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How to get your hands on top escorts in the industry?

2022-05-20 , By Dianne J. Santos

A female partner is a sex worker who provides sexual services and companionship in exchange for money. These days, the solicitation for those top escorts services has shifted from street corners to easily-accessed online websites. With the rise of the Internet, solicitation of sexual companionship via escort advertisements has allowed escorts to advertise physical attributes and descriptions and develop greater control of their occupation and clientele. On these prostitution services websites, women often post pictures of themselves, describe their services, describe their physical attributes, and indicate the amount they charge for services. An analysis using this information provided in escort advertisements may allow a unique means of exploring short-term mating preferences.

They know it all

Successful female workers may be aware of the traits and qualities that male patrons seek, and they likely tailor their services and fees to the market conditions. There is proof that women are aware of their mate's value and that self-evaluation affects the standards that women set for prospective mates. Thus, the desirable and most popular escorts should charge a higher fee than less desirable competitors. Singapore escorts services and qualities highly sought after by male clientele should be more prevalent in online escort ads and should command higher prices.

What are the qualities that one should look for in a female escort?

  1. The physical charm of women is a principal determinant of their mate value. Specifically, men might be attracted to sexually dimorphic and age-related traits as natural fertility and reproductive value indicators.
  2. There are features that men prefer when seeking a short-term mating partner. Although men can be attracted to low fluctuating asymmetries and sexual dimorphism in women’s faces and bodies when selecting long-term mates, men shift to prioritizing the attractiveness of a woman’s body when they are focused on short-term mating strategies.
  3. Body attractiveness often depends on several factors, including breast size, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index.
  4. BMI and body shape weight also play essential roles in men’s perceptions of women’s attractiveness, although the preference for particular BMIs is somewhat nuanced.
  5. Men in this industrial culture preferred more slender women over heavier women, especially when a slender body type was combined with a BMI.
  6. Age is an additional and significant trait associated with female attractiveness. Female reproductive health declines with age, and fertility peaks during early adulthood, so it is not surprising that males seem to possess an evolved preference for young, nubile females.
  7. Especially for temporary mating prospects, selection pressures seem to have left men with a strong attraction toward fertile women, and preferences for youth and health solve the fitness problem of identifying fertile females.
  8. Some men are most attracted to women between the ages of 20 and 25 because that is when fertility peaks in female humans. This window is peak fertility is mainly preferred by males for short-term mating, as it maximizes the probability of a brief sexual affair resulting in offspring.