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How to Get 100% Better at Pulling for Guys

2020-05-07 , By Tom Ackerman

Most guys would like to be great at attracting women, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. Not only does “pulling” help you to get laid (which is something most guys enjoy!), but it also helps to boost your confidence and even help you to look like “the man” in front of other guy friends.
In short: being great at pulling is part of being a successful guy.
The problem? A good number of guys truly suck at attracting women. And this comes down to a myriad of factors, from our confidence, to our appearance, to our sense of style, to our “game.”
It’s time to fix all that. Read on and learn how to become INSANELY attractive to women.
1 Get More Confident
Ever heard that women like “bad guys?” Ever heard that nice guys finish last?
It’s not true. Actually, women like nice guys. They just don’t like nice guys who are also scared of their own shadow (which let’s be honest, is most nice guys!).
If you can be a nice guy and be confident, then you’ll see that THIS is actually the golden combination that women love.
So, how do you “get more confident?” Simple: you do more things that scare you more often. And you do it especially in the context of approaching women.
So get out there more and speak to more women. Not with the intention of pulling, but just with the intention of making friends and having fun. Your confidence will grow, and so will your sex appeal!
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2 Improve Your Game
Spending time just chatting with women is also how you go about improving your “game.”
Too many guys wreak of desperation, which is an instant turn off for women (another reason that “bad guys” do better). But if you approach a group of women as a fun guy who just wants to chat and have a great night, you’ll find you become a LOT more attractive. Single out the woman you really want to get to know at the end of the evening, and you’ll find she’s crazy hot for you.
3 Get Some Style
Grooming and style are important. It doesn’t matter what your style is, but what matters is that you have one. Women want to see that you’ve made some kind of effort. That’s why something as simple as throwing a sports jacket over what you would normally wear can make a BIG difference to your success rate talking to the ladies.
And style doesn’t just include what you wear. It also means the way you carry yourself and conduct yourself. Something that can help a LOT is to get yourself an attractive job. Become a pilot, an entrepreneur, a doctor, or anything else that sounds impressive and gives you confidence. That confidence and power will project from you, and you’ll find you become instantly more successful with the ladies as a result!