Learn About Fake Eyelashes, Their Function, And Durability



Fake Eyelashes are the accessory you need to enhance your makeup look daily or on special occasions. They are very popular eyelashes divided into colors, sizes, and designs according to the length of the hair. You have to buy this accessory to make your eyes pop, look more beautiful and completely dominant wherever you stand.

There are 3d false lashes with which you can stand out 100% above other girls. In its composition, this accessory has very long hair with which you will cover your eye a little more. In color, you can take from the common that is black or other daring ones such as purple, red, pink, etc.

These lashes are ready, and you do not need to apply makeup, mascara, or eyeliner to use them only. With this advantage, you can save some time by applying makeup to your eye and focusing on other areas. You have to be attentive to the color you use on the rest of your face so that the lashes coordinate and not look detached from the style.

To avoid a bad experience, you should buy the best self adhesive eyelashes with extra hard glue. With this long-lasting accessory, you can have them for a whole day without problems, although you should avoid water. Liquid elements on your freshly applied lashes can be natural enemies; if the glue is of poor quality, it will fall off.

A very good tip is that you take some glue with you for your outing if you need to give yourself a touch-up. Lashes usually peel off in the center area, and this occurs when you blink a lot. You don't have to watch out for this accessory, so if you have these tricks, avoid doing them in public.

Discover How To Reuse Fake Eyelashes

If you had an incredible experience with your synthetic lashes, don't throw them away, you can reuse them. A package of eyelashes is something cost regardless of the country where you are; they are not cheap at all. To save some money, you can reuse them by gently and slowly removing Fake Eyelashes.

For you to be able to use the eyelashes for at least 1 or 2 more times, you must do the following:

  1. Buy reusable lashes: you must know how to recognize reusable lashes and those you cannot have again because they have different glue. The sliding synthetic tabs that have a line in their design are reusable; those that come with separate glue tabs are not. Have the same composition, size, and designs, but you can easily identify them by the line at the end where each tab is pasted.
  2. In the process in which you use the eyelashes, avoid burning them, touching them with your hands, damaging their original style. When you proceed to remove them, you have to do it very gently, avoid losing some eyelashes in the process.
  3. You have to clean the tabs on the tap, don't put it directly because it will spoil. Try to place them on one side of the tap where small drops of the waterfall so that the eyeliner is loosening. You must terminate the process when the water no longer appears dark but regains its transparency.
  4. To finish the cleaning process, you may need a swab, clean the remains of eyeliner and mascara from the hairs. After you clean the eyelashes, you have to make them regain their shape, use a makeup brush.
  5. With its cleaning and standardized form, you have to store the eyelashes in a clean area where they do not get dust.


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